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Here you will see all OF our gorgeous Sugar Gliders Joeys that are currently looking for their forever homes. 

Super sweet and trusting our hand tame Sugar Gliders will make someone a very sweet companion.


Welcome to Down Under Gliderz!

Thank you, for taking the time to visit our labour of love.  Here at DUG all our gliders are raised in a tender and nurturing environment.  We are a small hobby breeder that cherishes our gliders very much. We cherish them so much so, we decided to share our joeys with the many special families looking to add that missing piece to their lives. 

Here at DUG we offer a large selection of hand tamed joeys, all bread from lineaged gliders and non-sterile lines. We take pride in our hobby, we specialize in various colors and morph and in providing you our customer with a healthy, beautiful and tame joey. 

Our goals is to provide our customers with the education and after care needed to enable them to give their joeys a happy comfortable forever home.  A sugar glider is an exotic pet and comes with mandatory requirements for their survival, please do your homework as gliders can live 10-15 years and require a homemade balanced staple diet that maintains the required 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratios. 

Here at DUG we have fed the TPG diet as well as the HPW diet and found both are equally effective and suitable for your glider's nutritional needs.  We recommend you to research the many approved glider diets and choose one that fits your gliders nutritional needs and all while fits your lifestyle and time availability. 

Speaking of life style these fur babies also require a lot of attention and socialisation.  Bonding with your glider is essential to its happiness. Once  established the connection will continue to flourish and will be worth all your time and effort.  It's unlike any bond I've ever experienced with another pet asides from my ferrets.   Please always remember sugar gliders need human interaction but human interaction alone is not enough. A companion cage mate is required.  A  glider with no companion can get depressed, self mutilate, stop eating and  can become very ill.  That being said, the well being of our joeys after their adoption date is very important to us, we cannot stress this enough.  


Here at DUG we do not sell single gliders, they will be sold in pairs with the exception of those who already possess a glider or our customer will be returning to purchase a second glider from DUG within 4-6 months at a discount of course, no exceptions. 


Interaction and diet are not the only requirement to owning a glider, these cute little fur babies require a large cage, don't let their size fool you, no hamster cage is acceptable.  Due to  the composition of the gliders body and natural habitat, the standard minimum cage size for 2 gliders is 36"Hx24"Wx24"D, more height is always best, it gives the gliders room to glide.  Along with a cage its best to have a few different sugar gliders toys made by approved vendors along with a glider sage wheel, again no hamster wheels, balls or saucers.  Through out your research you will discover the reasons behind this statement as well as many do's and don't along with many pros and cons to owning a glider. 

It is of my opinion as well as the glider communities and in your best interest that you should avoid using the word "sugar bears" as a google search word. Certain companies and their many subsidiaries use it as marketing strategy to lure unsuspecting customers to their websites where they provide false self serving information.  Feel free to browse and subscribe to our site and visit it often as there will be many updates and new arrivals.


From our home to yours we wish you good luck in your research and hope to serve you soon. 


***Before any Joey's are to be adopted a questionnaire must be completed and submitted for approval.    

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